Clean Water is necessary to insure that these products are not neutralized by the mineral content of the water. Avoid iron heavy well water!  WHOLESALE  ONLY


Non-Selective Herbicide

Round Up PRO Max

This product is the next generation in the evolution of high performance of the most popular non-selective herbicide on the market. This product contains more Glyphosate acid than Round up Pro. Rainfast in 30 minutes. Available in 1.67 gallon jugs.

Round-Up Pro Max MSDS

Round-Up Pro Max Label




Round Up Quick Pro Dry

A popular combination of Glyphosate and Diquat for that quick control. This product is a dry product that you mix with water. It contains the vegetative control of Glyphosate with Diquat to give you a fast acting product. This comes in a 6.8 lb. jug with an easy measure spout for accurate mixing as well as in packets that make 1 gallon of product.



Round-Up Quick Pro MSDS   

Round- Up Quick Pro Label





Pronto® Fast Acting Vegetation Killer

Concentrated liquid provides total, one-year control of unwanted grasses and weeds.

  • Effective weed controls for one full year

  • Kills existing weeds and prevents new weeds

  • Use only in areas where no vegetation is desired such as gravel driveways, patios, around propane tanks and in fence rows

ProntoVegetationKiller  Label

ProntoVegetationKiller MSDS




Generic Glyphosate

Same 41% active ingredient that is found in Round Up. Generic names will vary based on availability. Available in Ranger Pro 2.5 gallons and Kleen Up Pro 1 gallon.

RangerProMSDS                Kleen Up Pro MSDS

RangerProLabel                  Kleen Up Pro Label




ProdeuceExtended weed control with the burn down of glyphosate, Plus the residual control of prodiamine herbicides. Packaged in 64 oz. tip-and-measure containers. Each 64 oz. container treats 10,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. Always read and follow label instructions. ProDeuce is a dual action herbicide, intended for landscape and ground managers. ProDeuce will alleviate multiple chemical and mechanical weeding applications throughout the growing season.
Uses: Cracks and crevices in driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios. Along fences, foundations, curbs, retaining walls and edge of lawns. Around the base or in mulched beds of well established shrubs or trees. On gravel areas.


ProDeuce MSDS

ProDeuce Label






All natural. Add to Round up or Finale for an almost instant kill. Works in Cool weather. Comes in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs. Application rate may vary depending on type of maturity of unwanted vegetation.

Scythe Label

Scythe MSDS




Similar to Round Up. Some claim quicker kill and browning. Comes in 2.5 gallon jugs.

Finale MSDS

Finale Label






Pre-Emergent Herbicide




Pendulum® ™ herbicide is an oil-based formulation of the industry’s leading pre-emergent active ingredient – BASF pendimethalin – Pendulum delivers:  A highly effective and economical pre-emergent weed control option for field- and container-grown nursery stock, including newly transplanted field- and container-grown nursery stock; established field- and container-grown nursery stock; ornamental bulbs; wildflowers; landscape plantings; and bare ground for container placement.Effective control for a wide range of weed species – more than 40 grassy and broadleaf weeds.Virtually no odor and ease of use through equipment with water clean-out of tank.Excellent pre-emergent weed control on ornamental plants in landscapes.

Pendulum MSDS

Pendulum Label






TreflanPRE-emergent herbicide used in landscape beds for the control of annual grasses and some broadleaf weeds. This product is cost effective and safe on nearly all landscape plants. This product should be physically incorporated 2” to 3” into the soil. Treflan may be used in flower beds prior to transplanting. This product comes in 40# bags. Apply at 5.5 to 7.3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Treflan-Trammel Label

Treflan-Trammel MSDS








Dimensions 0.25 DG Pro

Dimension DG Pro

PRE-emergent herbicide used in landscape beds for the control of annual grasses and some broad-leaf weeds. 50# bags.

Dimension .25 DG Label

Dimension .25 DG MSDS






Anderson’s Lawn Fertilizer with Dimension

See Fertilizer Products



SnapshotSnapshot® herbicide is a combination of Treflan and Gallery Herbicides. This product is a great pre-emergent herbicide but, may be unsafe for some plants. Refer to the label for more information. This product comes in 50# bags. Apply at 2.3 to 4.6 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Snapshot Techsheet

Snapshot Label

Snapshot MSDS






C9b Tupersan-PSTupersan® is a granular or wettable powder PRE-emergent that can be used while seeding. Tupersan will prevent up to 80% of crabgrass and other grassy type weeds. Apply at 2 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. on newly seeded areas and 4 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. on established turf.

Tupersan  Label

Tupersan MSDS






Post-Emergent Herbicide – Selective

“Post-Emergence” herbicides will generally kill many weeds and undesirable grasses after germination or if they are already there. In all cases, avoid foliage – trunks and stems of desirable plants (especially the green tissue). As always, read the complete label, follow instructions and use this only as a guideline.

Some retailers, including many of the big box stores, are now offering name brand herbicides to shoppers in large-sized containers. Even though they boldly claim that the products are “concentrates”, they are often weaker formulas intended for homeowner use. All products listed on these pages are “professional”  strength formulations!




Trimec Classic

Broadleaf Herbicide

The golf course superintendent’s number one choice for dependable broad-spectrum broadleaf weed control, now a low-odor product. This popular workhorse puts unsurpassed power and efficiency into your weed control program. Trimec Classic is now a LOW ODOR product. 3.25 to 4 pints per acre.

Trimec Classic Label
Trimec Classic MSDS




Trimec 992

-A broad spectrum postemergent broadleaf herbicide containing Trimec® developed for use by turf management professionals and big lawn care companies.  Vessel can be used on cool-season and warm-season turf grasses including, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fescue, creeping bentgrass, common bermudagrass, hybrid bermudagrass, bahiagrass, zoysiagrass, and St. Augustinegrass.  One gallon does up to 2.5 acres.

**Available in 2.5 gal jug.

Trimec 992 Label

Trimec 992 MSDS





Speed Zone

Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf

Incorporates an advanced chemistry for broadleaf weed control in turf to give the turf manager the fastest and most versatile broadleaf weed control available. Highly selective in established cool and warm-season turf grasses; CAUTION signal word and good toxicological, environmental and ecological properties. Nothing better on clover! New chemistry to control broadleaf and weeds that vine. Nothing is better on Clover! 1 gal. and 2.5 gal. Sizes. (3-5 pints per acre) By far, the fastest COOL WEATHER weeds control!


Speed Zone MSDS 

Speed Zone Label





Broadleaf Herbicide

A water-based broadleaf herbicide for turf that provides an amine option for FAST weed control in warmer weather. New from Trimec! Warm weather weed control – FAST! 3-4 pints per acre.

Surge Label
Surge MSDS






Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough Weeds
Provides exceptional broadleaf weed control in cool-season turfgrasses. Contains four active ingredients including triclopyr.






Gordon’s Q-4 Plus

Turf Herbicide for Grassy & Broadleaf Weeds
– Apatented product containing Quinclorac + Sulfentrazone + 2, 4-D + Dicamba. This combination provides fast visual response and an enhanced spectrum of weed control, including yellow nutsedge suppression, crabgrass and many other troublesome grassy and broadleaf weed in established turfgrass. Q4 is approved for use in cool-season grasses. This all-in-one product has become known as the “army knife” of turf herbicides. Q4 is dual action herbicide for the suppression of yellow nutsedge, control of certain grassy weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail, and control of most troublesome broadleaf weeds in established cool-season turf areas. Q4 is a patented product containing four (4) active ingredients. A water-based formulation. Rain-fast in 6 hours. Has a 4 week reseeding interval. Works best after irrigation (see label for details). Q4 comes in 1 gal. and 2.5 gal. sizes.

Q4 Plus Label

Q4 Plus MSDS



Ornamec 170

Grass Herbicideornamec170

Designed to maintain flower beds and helps eliminate hand weeding. Can be used in & around groundcovers, shrubs, trees, landscape beds & ornamental beds killing unwanted annual & perennial grasses.  Ornamec 170 does not control broadleaf weeds or sedges.   Labeled for over-the-top application, Ornamec’s active ingredient begins to work within five days. Death of the grass is generally observed within two to three weeks, depending on the grass species and environmental conditions.

Ornamec Label

Ornamec MSDS Sheet




Fortify Granular Weed Control


Fortify is a granular post emergent selective weed control. It is best to apply in the mornings and use the dew  or right before a rain.

Fortify Label

Fortify MSDS





  Quinclorac 75 DF

Quinclorac 75DF2The best product for crabgrass! Eliminates stubborn clover and some broadleaf weeds in a single application. Gentle on established turf and can also be used with most seed at the time of seeding. 1 pound bottle does 1 acre. Refer to label for spraying instructions.  Also available in a liquid.

Quinclorac Label





  Quinclorac 1.5L Select


The latest technology in providing unsurpassed crabgrass control. A proprietary, water-based formulation that delivers quicker uptake by the plant.  Quinchlorac 1.5L is rain fast quicker (in less than an hour). 

Quinclorac 1.5L Select Label

Quinclorac 1.5L Select MSDS











Sedge Hammer


Sedge Hammer is a selective herbicide for the control of nutsedge and other weeds in turfgrass and landscaped areas.






80/20 Select


80-20-select 80/20 SELECT is a high-quality, general    purpose nonionic surfactant.         

80/20 SELECT may be used with any insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides, defoliants, desiccants and wettable powders.               

80/20 SELECT will increase pesticidal activity by increasing the
wetting and spreading ability of the spray solutions.


80/20 Select Label

80/20 Select MSDS