Jacklin SeedThese pre-formulated mixtures are from one of the oldest and finest specialty seed producers in the Pacific Northwest. These Simplot/Jacklin formulas are often called for in landscape architect’s specifications. We carry these fabulous mixes in stock for your convenience.  WHOLESALE  ONLY



Athletic Pro II


50% Jacklin Kentucky Bluegrass/50% Jacklin Perennial Ryegrass

  • Athletic Pro II is tailored to athletic fields, playgrounds, golf course roughs, or other high traffic areas that receive less-than-optimal maintenance, where superior quality and long-term durability are desired.

Athletic Pro II Product Sheet






Scottish Links

Jacklin Scottish Links Mixture consists of low-growing fine fescues well adapted to the harsh conditions of golf course roughs and bunker faces. Left un-mown, this formula provides maintenance savings, erosion control, and adaptation under varying soil conditions. It is tolerant of shade, low fertility, and reduced irrigation in parks, home lawns, golf course roughs, roadsides, and utility turf.

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Grid Iron


80% Jacklin turf-type tall fescue, 10% Jacklin Kentucky bluegrass, 10% Jacklin perennial ryegrass

  • Grid Iron Mixture provides all of the outstanding characteristics of our Triple-A tall fescue blend plus improved sod-forming characteristics and recuperative potential by using Kentucky bluegrasses. The perennial ryegrass provides quick establishment and soil stabilization.

Grid Iron Product Sheet



Overseeder II

70% Jacklin Kentucky bluegrass, 30% Jacklin perennial ryegrass

  • Overseeder II is designed for establishment and renovation of turf areas damaged by necrotic ringspot, summer patch, Poa annual infestation, and traffic. The mixture produces an elite turf with broad environmental tolerance. It is adapted for golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns, and sports turf.

Overseeder II Product Sheet