ODOT LogoAt Oliger Seed we have O.D.O.T (Ohio Department of Transportation) Specs available everyday. These grass seed mixtures are used in O.D.O.T projects. However, you must call ahead of time, so we can prepare the necessary paperwork.  You will  need the the ODOT Project Number, County where the work is being done, and the job reference number.  WHOLESALE ONLY

2016 – ODOT Construction and Material Specifications


ODOT Division of Construction Management –  If you have any questions not answered in the specifications manual, click this link and you will be directed to O.D.O.T.’s Construction Management page.

** 1 acre = 43,560 square feet


“State of Ohio “Lawn”

5-10 lb./1,000 sq ft

30% Kentucky Bluegrass
30% Creeping Red Fescue
20% Annual Ryegrass
20% Perennial Ryegrass

State of Ohio “Lawn” Tech Sheet



“State of Ohio “Roadside”

5 lb/1,000 sq ft

40% Fawn or Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue
30% Kentucky Bluegrass
30% Perennial Ryegrass

State of Ohio “Roadside” Tech Sheet


“State of Ohio “3-B Slope”

6 lb/1,000 sq ft

56% Hard Fescue
34% Creeping Red Fescue
10% Annual Ryegrass

State of Ohio “3-B Slope” Tech Sheet