Chapin Sprayers & Spreaders





125lb. Professional Spreader


Chapin M82100 Spreader

  • Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Frames

  • Provide Full Support of Hopper at its Base

  • T-Handle with Comfort Grips Features Gate Control at Your Fingertips

  • Diamond shaped tubing ensures handle won’t twist when pushing heavy loads

  • 14” Fully Pneumatic Tires Provide Stability Over Uneven Terrain

  • Enclosed Gear Box with Acetal Gears Withstands the Elements

  • Grate and Rain Cover Included

  • Easy to Assemble




100lb. Professional Spreader


Chapin M82125 Spreader

Unique Edge Control to Easily Direct Product Distribution – Keep unwanted product out of your flowerbeds and off of driveways/other bordering areas

Innovative Gate Design & Placement allows for a wide spread pattern and increased coverage – Get the job done quickly!

Positive Stop Dial for Precise Gate Adjustment


Chapin Salt Spreaders



  100 Lb Contractor Spreader 

This spreader has 14″ pneumatic tires, 360° baffle system, stainless steel, 43% larger gate opening, steel frame, enclosed metal gears, the hoppers are in two pieces, poly conical auger helps move sale with ease. With the Chapin SURESPREAD ™ Technology.


Chapin 82108 100# Professional Salt Spreader


80 lb Contractor Spreader


Chapin 80088 80 lb Contractor Spreader

This spreader has 43% larger gate opening. Adjustablesalt baffle system, 12″ pneumatic tires. Powder coated steel frame, enclosed metal gears. It also has a two piece hopper for easy maintenance. It has the paten pending poly conical auger.  Chapin SURESPREAD  ™ Technology.





80 lb Residential Spreader

This spreader has 12″  pneumatic tries, 360° baffle system. It has a 26% larger gate opening. Steel frame, enclosed acetal gears, two piece hopper for easy maintenance, poly conical auger, fully assembled, and the Chapin SURESPREAD ™ Technology. Grate and rain guard are optional accessories included.



Chapin 80088 80 lb Residential Spreader


Handheld Spreaders & Sprayers


Handheld Spreader

Chapin Hand Held Spreader

1.5 L Capacity




Spread-Rite G

Designed for easy application of granular herbicides. Save time and money with this spreader. Allows for the correct application rate of pre-emergent product to landscape beds with a long nozzle to reach underneath the plants.




Quick Pro 2 Gal. Sprayer



This Chapin QuikPro Handheld Sprayer is perfect for landscape professionals that need a precision sprayer for smaller areas that larger units miss. Chapins in-tank anticlog filter virtually eliminates clogging. A comfort-grip lock-on spray handle lets you work longer without fatigue.

Handheld; 2 gallon tank; 2, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 20 1/2 4 1/4in. dia. mouth reduces spillage while refilling.

Quick Pro 2 gal Sprayer




Backpack Sprayer: 4 gallon capacity