Crop Update


                                   SPRING 2017


    It is that time of year again where we try to anticipate what the new year will look like, and make plans to attack the season accordingly.  This time last year, we expected there would be a light crop with quality issues.  The actual results were just that, causing the depletion of carryover from the prior crop year, and kept seed prices relatively strong going into 2016 New Crop. 

   Now that the fall season is behind us, and the dust has settled, seed producers can evaluate and quantify the crop carryover going into the 2017 season.  Once again we expect a some what tight supply available and some carieties will be in short supply making it hard to acquire ample supply of the better varieties.  Kentucky Bluegrass continues to be tight with quality issues becoming even more troublesome on VNS common varieties.  Forage seeds are also expected to remain strong, although there has been some softening of some clovers.

   The good news is that we do expect there to be a more balanced supply of most species compared to the consumption going forward.  Ever since the housing bust of 2008  and the following years, there was a tremendous oversupply of seed in the markets causing prices to crash.  These days are over for now, and with a more balanced supply, we expect prices to move less and be relatively stable for this season.  The one exception is that of Annual Ryegrass which had virtually no carry over coming into the 2016 crop year.

   We look forward to a season similar to what we experienced in 2016.  It seems that there has been some recovery to the housing industry and construction projects are still rather active.  It will be interesting to see how the new government handles infrastructure projects and how they will effect the seeding contractors.  We stand ready to supply contractors with the best quality product possible as usual.

   There has been a lot of activity blending seed in anticipation of a vigorous Spring planting season.  As usual, the weather is always the one factor that can make or break how well the season will roll out.  We appreciate each and every customer’s support and confidence in our quality of products.  We are pleased to say that Oliger Seed once again sets the bar for quality of seed.  We feature top rated varieties and claim they are free of Poa annua, Poa triviallis and other Poa subspecies.  These crop seeds can contaminate quality lawns and are becoming more common in seed tests.

   Please visit our website @ to view our entire product offering, along with the many tech sheets and MSDS data on the fertilizer and control products we handle.

Best Regards,

Mark Laube