“PREPARING YOUR LAWN FOR FALL”The Lawn Institute Logo Cropped

Early to Mid Fall is a good time to aerate your lawn.  Because aeration creates additional space in the soil and reduces compaction, it is a good idea to overseed after aerating.                                                                     Fall is the best time for overseeding these grasses as temperatures are mild, there is less weed competition than during spring and adequate rainfall will help the new seed germinate and grown in.                           Late Fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for the coming winter and  at the same time give it a great boost for next spring. In northern states, cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, buffalograss and creeping bentgrass will be slowing top growth and building internal resources in preparation for winter.


 Below is a list of the premium straight seeds that are used in each of our Oliger name brand mixtures. In order to have the highest quality of grass seed blends it has to start with choosing the most elite individual grass seeds. Our product line is updated annually to include newly released ryegrass, bluegrass, and fescues. Our pre-mixed Oliger Brand mixtures are listed here; Standard Turf  Mixtures, Professional Turf Mixtures, and O.D.O.T. MixturesWHOLESALE ONLY

Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass VNS



Perennial Ryegrass

Apple GL Tech Sheet
Amazing GS Tech Sheet
Fiesta 4 Tech Sheet
Homerun Tech Sheet
Manhattan 5 GLR Tech Sheet
Paragon GLR Tech Sheet
Revenge GLX Tech Sheet
Laredo II Tech Sheet
Evening Shade Tech Sheet
Perennial Ryegrass VNS

Stellar 3GL Tech Sheet

GrandSlam GLD Tech Sheet



Kentucky Bluegrass

Award Tech Sheet
Bedazzled Tech Sheet
Bewitched Tech Sheet
Camas Tech Sheet
Everest Tech Sheet
Midnight Tech Sheet
NuDestiny Tech Sheet
NuGlade Tech Sheet
Rugby II Tech Sheet
Baron Tech Sheet
Brooklawn Tech Sheet
NuBlue Plus Tech Sheet
Kentucky Bluegrass VNS



Fine Fescue

Cardinal Creeping Red Tech Sheet
Audubon Creeping Red  Tech Sheet
Edgewood Creeping Red Tech Sheet
Fortitude Creeping Red Tech Sheet
Zodiac Chewings  Tech Sheet
Intrigue Chewings  Tech Sheet
Creeping Red VNS



Tall Fescue

Avenger Tech Sheet
Bullseye Tech Sheet
Firecracker LS Tech Sheet
Cochise IV Tech Sheet
Rhambler Tech Sheet
Inferno Tech Sheet
2nd Millennium Tech Sheet
3rd.Millennium..SRP Tech Sheet
Traverse SRP Tech Sheet
Fawn Tech Sheet



Hard/Sheep Fescue

Blue Ray Hard Fescue Tech Sheet
Marco Polo Tech Sheet
Fire Fly Hard Tech Sheet
Hard Fescue VNS