Below is a list of the premium straight seeds that are used in each of our Oliger name brand mixtures. In order to have the highest quality of grass seed blends it has to start with choosing the most elite individual grass seeds. Our product line is updated annually to include newly released ryegrass, bluegrass, and fescues. Our pre-mixed Oliger Brand mixtures are listed here; Standard Turf  Mixtures, Professional Turf Mixtures, and O.D.O.T. MixturesWHOLESALE ONLY


Perennial Ryegrass

“Elite Varieties”

Amazing A+ (Tech Sheet)
Fastball (Tech Sheet)
Fiesta 4 (Tech Sheet)
Grand Slam GLD (Tech Sheet)
Manhattan 6 (Tech Sheet)
Pangea (Tech Sheet)
Paragon GLR (Tech Sheet)
Revenge GLX (Tech Sheet)
Rio Vista (Tech Sheet)
Stellar 3GL (Tech Sheet)
Top Gun II (Tech Sheet)

“Other Varieties”

Annual VNS
Evening Shade (Tech Sheet)
Laredo II (Tech Sheet)
Nexus/Annual Mix (Tech Sheet)
Patriot 4 (Tech Sheet)
Solstice II Intermediate (Tech Sheet)
Top Gun (Tech Sheet)
Perennial VNS


Kentucky Bluegrass

“Elite Varieties”

Award (Tech Sheet)
Bewitched (Tech Sheet)
Everglade (Tech Sheet)
Everest (Tech Sheet)
Jackpot (Tech Sheet)
Liberator (Tech Sheet)
Midnight (Tech Sheet)
NuGlade (Tech Sheet)
Rugby II (Tech Sheet)

“Improved Varieties”

Brooklawn (Tech Sheet)
Kentucky Bluegrass VNS



Fine Fescue


Heathland (Tech Sheet)
Intrigue (Tech Sheet)
Zodiac (Tech Sheet)

“Creeping Red”

Edgewood (Tech Sheet)
Gibralter (Tech Sheet)
Navigator II (Tech Sheet)


Gladiator (Tech Sheet Coming Soon)
Jetty (Tech Sheet)
Nanook (Tech Sheet)


Marco Polo (Tech Sheet)
Jetty (Tech Sheet)
Nanook (Tech Sheet)



Tall Fescue

Avenger Tech Sheet
Bullseye Tech Sheet
Firecracker LS Tech Sheet
Cochise IV Tech Sheet
Rhambler Tech Sheet
Inferno Tech Sheet
2nd Millennium Tech Sheet
3rd.Millennium..SRP Tech Sheet
Traverse SRP Tech Sheet
Fawn Tech Sheet